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Entrepreneurial Community

Entrepreneurial Community

Open Coffee Club, Bangalore

OCC Bangalore is a strong, vibrant, inclusive grassroots community of aspiring & early stage entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship enthusiasts in India

India's Largest Technology Site/Platform for Entrepreneurs, [also called 'PI'] profiles Technology Startups and is India's largest visibility platform for technology startups and entrepreneurs.

Headstart Network

Headstart Network Foundation (, is a non-profit organization focused on creation of a startup ecosystem in India.

Startups Club

Startups Club ( was started in March 2013 as a platform to bring together aspiring, budding and established entrepreneurs to help them share and learn from one another. We allow our members to promote their businesses through the platform and to reach out to others with similar passions and ideas. We started out of Bangalore and have slowly and steadily grows to Chennai, Coimbatore and Hyderabad and have over 4500+ members and growing.