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About the product : BotNotes is an app that converts different verbal conversations (including oration, peer to peer and meeting) to textual searchable chat. Its available as an Android/iOS app & web app for small businesses and consumers and as sdk for integration within voice and video conferencing platforms (for transcripts of voice and video calls and conferences).

Promoter’s Name: Akhil Agrawal

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Ideamart Ventures and Technologies LLP

About the product : Ideamart Ventures and Technologies LLP. At Ideamart we were tired of waiting for others to implement technology to solve the everyday problems we faced. We pledged take up problems that really bugged us and started innovating to solve them. As a result, we have come up two solutions. With many more to come.



Smartverify is a patent-pending product verification program that uses QR verification to help customers ensure that they are buying an actual genuine product off the shelf.

Payjourney Payjourney is the local transit app that tracks your bus location on a single tap.

Nithin Prakash and Srinivasan

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Singularity Healthcare IT Systems Pvt Ltd

EClinic247 aims to be the leading TeleMedicine Provider in India and to be the platform of choice for patients and Doctors to connect to each other on-demand for routine/primary care (non emergency) needs.Our platform consists of a set of e-channels through which we enable primary care consultations to happen by connecting the doctors and patients in real-time. These channels include telephone based triage/consult, a Mobile App for on-demand Video consultations, voice/SMS based callback requests, chat messaging and email based consults. We also maintain cloud based Health Records that are accessible by the Patients and the Doctors which enables the contextual information required for a high quality consultation.

Promoter’s Name: Jeyandran Venugopal

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NuVeda Learning Pvt. Ltd.

NuVeda's flagship product is NuCLO which is a Learning Management System

The NuCLO™ online platform provided the base functionality and its reporting capability was modified to create an entire learning journey report for each participant.

Challenges:A Canadian soul healing company wanted to create an e-commerce site for their online university, which would include some of their online certifications. Learners would be spread across the world and would attend online courses which included videos, webcasts, and be graded on multiple elements including participation in online discussions, manual grading, approval processes and quizzes as required. The client also wanted and multi-lingual capability in German and Dutch and the ability to create multiple roles as needed. Solution:

The NuCLO™ LMS was modified to create an online university that could monitor and track students, student activities as well as provide the administrators flexibility to create and administer courses as required.

Promoter’s Name: Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan

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Her-mony & Co.

At Her-Mony, we are passionate about empowering women to take ownership of their financial lives. We are committed to ensuring that the special financial needs of women are not over-looked. Whether single or in a relationship, we work with our clients to raise awareness of their financial planning needs and to help them make sound decisions that resonate with their principles, values and dreams as well as those of their heirs

The objective of Her-Mony is to cater exclusively to the financial requirements of women. Our role is to be their trusted and independent advisor for achieving their financial goals whether it is financial independence, financial growth, capital protection, or just income, which gives them independence and empowerment and control of their financial health. Our alignment is with the client at all times

At Her-Mony, we believe it is essential to look at a holistic picture of a woman’s financial concerns as well as her goals. Whether a woman is single, married, a widow, or a divorcee, at Her-mony, we are sensitive to each situation and take pride in making sure we understand our clients thinking process, their investment philosophy and their long- term financial objectives.

Promoter’s Name: Ratnasri Karra

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Credens Fiduciary Solutions Pvt Ltd

Credens Fiduciary Solutions (CFS) is dedicated to enhance your financial standing and enrich family legacies in inheritance and succession planning strategies and management. We assist individuals, families and corporate clients plan, protect & preserve assets and resources earned over a life time or even generations. We help you envisage various financial scenarios and aid you in selecting the best plan for your financial freedom and security.

The key to our success is our focus on understanding the objectives and guidelines defined by our clients.

Founded and managed by experienced professionals, completely independent and objective, Credens Fiduciary Solutions (CFS) is a private firm headquartered in Bangalore. We operate under a professional fees basis that is completely free of all conflict of interests.

We will plan and implement steady income streams for the present, for your retirement in the future and plans that will extend to your beneficiaries.

Promoter’s Name: Mrs Shuba Girish

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Lumbini Software Pvt Ltd

Lumbini Software is a Software Solution Provider with focus on Product Development and Software Services in the areas of Application Development, ERP, CRM & Business Intelligence. The company is handling Product Developments in the area of Mobile Applications, Supply Chain Optimization, e-Governance, Public Sector, Education (K12 & Higher Education) and Healthcare. Lumbini Software is a young vibrant company, whose activities span diverse areas within the broader realms of Information Technology. The professionals behind the venture are from top engineering colleges and have successful track record at senior positions with major multinational companies.

Promoter’s Name: Kamalesh Kumar

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LeapMile Pvt. Ltd.

QikPod is an innovative, new-to-India product and service. It is a smart, cloud-enabled, (Internet-of-Things) start-up that intersects with e-Commerce and last-mile logistics. QikPod will offer increased customer convenience, greater security and safety in the courier / delivery process, substantial cost savings overall, and a reduction in carbon emissions / footprint. These services are already well established in America, Europe and other parts of Asia with various national postal services, couriers, and e-commerce companies effectively offering the product and service. We have funding commitments from leading venture capitalists and other very high profile, nationally recognized angel investors and leading e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing companies

Promoter’s Name: Ravi Gururaj

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Sensuslabs Technologies pvt Ltd

Sensus Labs is a company based out of Bangalore, India offering Indoor Positioning & Navigation solutions upto sub-feet level accuracy. Our Technology makes use of Impulse Radio which works in a Wide Frequency Spectrum.

Promoter’s Name: Aviral Chandra

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Offer Grid Networks (P) Ltd

Offer Grid is experiencing fast growth, and is serving clients right from the industry verticals of Ecommerce, BFSI and Enterprise B2B. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, serving clients in India, US, Singapore and Australia. Offer Grid has been seed funded by MyFirstCheque in 2011.

Promoter’s Name: Deepankar Biswas & Raja TN

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CircuitSutra Technologies Pvt Ltd

CircuitSutra is an emerging company based in India, with an aim to emerge as the world leader in software services for the semiconductor industry. With current focus on System on Chip (SoC) Modeling and Embedded software services using Virtual Platforms.

Promoter’s Name: Umesh Sisodia

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3forz Innovations Software Private Limited

MineWhat enables online stores to make informed decisions on marketing, merchandising and product strategy to increase customer lifetime value. It provides actionable insights based on product level data and intelligent shopping assistance for e-commerce stores. It intended to enable online stores to understand their data better and use that knowledge to effectively engage and influence shoppers.

Promoter’s Name: Pavan Kumar TV & Janakiram Ganesan

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IMind your Business Solutions Pvt.Ltd

With deep functional and industry expertise the team@iMind is passionate about taking on immense challenges that your Recruitment team is poised upon. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work.

Promoter’s Name: Dilip Sampath

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Amphilbee Technologies

We provide biomedical equipments and services using technical solutions for better and accurate results, Matlab and simulink (octave) Research, development and training to young professionals for better future. We provide Business Solutions to our clients for their unstopable growth using digital technology.

We would be working in the field of Healthcare technology, in creating a low cost solutions focusing mainly towards neonatal health care. We have received a Grant from Department of Biotechnology; Gov. of India under the Big Ignition Scheme (BIG) .We will be focusing on developing the prototype during the grant period of 18months .Currently the innovator would be Mr. Abhijth Bailur, the Principal Investigator (P.I) would be Dr Rajnish Juneja from All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi and the Technical collaborator would be Mr. Abhinav

We would be dedicated towards providing novel solutions in Healthcare space focused at Neonatal health care (Non Invasive diagnostic solutions) providing hardware and software solutions. We would offer solutions which are low cost and keep our vision towards rural healthcare. The advantage of highly qualified Indian human resource with competitive salaries, coupled with our proven scientific capabilities and proprietary software/algorithms developed gives us the confidence that we can deliver high end R&D solution.

Promoter’s Name: Dilip Sampath

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