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About the product : BotNotes is an app that converts different verbal conversations (including oration, peer to peer and meeting) to textual searchable chat. Its available as an Android/iOS app & web app for small businesses and consumers and as sdk for integration within voice and video conferencing platforms (for transcripts of voice and video calls and conferences).

Promoter’s Name:Akhil Agrawal

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Ideamart Ventures and Technologies LLP

About the product : Ideamart Ventures and Technologies LLP. At Ideamart we were tired of waiting for others to implement technology to solve the everyday problems we faced. We pledged take up problems that really bugged us and started innovating to solve them. As a result, we have come up two solutions. With many more to come.


Smartverify is a patent-pending product verification program that uses QR verification to help customers ensure that they are buying an actual genuine product off the shelf.

Payjourney Payjourney is the local transit app that tracks your bus location on a single tap.

Promoter’s Name:Nithin Prakash and Srinivasan

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iAccept Softwares Pvt Ltd

About the product: We are product company having a suite of platforms catering to the Employer-Employee relationships which gets created, before an individual takes up employment or after leaving employment. As an Organization, we have a stringent, robust and safe information and data management web-portals certified for ISO 27001:2013 (Information Security & Management Systems). - is an intelligent routing platform which connects the job seeker and prospective employer. This is used by Talent Acquisition & Staffing teams, to predict on a candidate joining, when an offer is being made. The has a scoring mechanism which monitors on adherence to ethics and credibility. - is the Vault on Cloud, helping organizations & educational institutions to park documents of their ex-employees / students. The documents are uploaded by the Authors, thereby ensuring that they are trustworthy , while the beneficiaries can only download or electronically share.  - is an identity tracking repository, with a focus on Safety & Security of citizens. It is a risk mitigation platform for Administrative & Facility Managers.

Promoter’s Name:B.Mohan Kumar

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Amphilbee Technologies

We provide biomedical equipments and services using technical solutions for better and accurate results, Matlab and simulink (octave) Research, development and training to young professionals for better future. We provide Business Solutions to our clients for their unstopable growth using digital technology.

We would be working in the field of Healthcare technology, in creating a low cost solutions focusing mainly towards neonatal health care. We have received a Grant from Department of Biotechnology; Gov. of India under the Big Ignition Scheme (BIG) .We will be focusing on developing the prototype during the grant period of 18months .Currently the innovator would be Mr. Abhijth Bailur, the Principal Investigator (P.I) would be Dr Rajnish Juneja from All India Institute of Medical Science (AIIMS), New Delhi and the Technical collaborator would be Mr. Abhinav.

We would be dedicated towards providing novel solutions in Healthcare space focused at Neonatal health care (Non Invasive diagnostic solutions) providing hardware and software solutions. We would offer solutions which are low cost and keep our vision towards rural healthcare. The advantage of highly qualified Indian human resource with competitive salaries, coupled with our proven scientific capabilities and proprietary software/algorithms developed gives us the confidence that we can deliver high end R&D solution.

Singularity Healthcare IT Systems Pvt Ltd

EClinic247 aims to be the leading TeleMedicine Provider in India and to be the platform of choice for patients and Doctors to connect to each other on-demand for routine/primary care (non emergency) needs.Our platform consists of a set of e-channels through which we enable primary care consultations to happen by connecting the doctors and patients in real-time. These channels include telephone based triage/consult, a Mobile App for on-demand Video consultations, voice/SMS based callback requests, chat messaging and email based consults. We also maintain cloud based Health Records that are accessible by the Patients and the Doctors which enables the contextual information required for a high quality consultation.

Promoter’s Name:Jeyandran Venugopal

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Her-mony & Co

At Her-Mony, we are passionate about empowering women to take ownership of their financial lives. We are committed to ensuring that the special financial needs of women are not over-looked. Whether single or in a relationship, we work with our clients to raise awareness of their financial planning needs and to help them make sound decisions that resonate with their principles, values and dreams as well as those of their heirs.

The objective of Her-Mony is to cater exclusively to the financial requirements of women. Our role is to be their trusted and independent advisor for achieving their financial goals whether it is financial independence, financial growth, capital protection, or just income, which gives them independence and empowerment and control of their financial health. Our alignment is with the client at all times.

At Her-Mony, we believe it is essential to look at a holistic picture of a woman’s financial concerns as well as her goals. Whether a woman is single, married, a widow, or a divorcee, at Her-mony, we are sensitive to each situation and take pride in making sure we understand our clients thinking process, their investment philosophy and their long- term financial objectives.

Promoter’s Name:Ratnasri Karra

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Instasafe Technologies Pvt Ltd

Instasafe is a cloud based Security-as-a-Service offering, Instasafe provides enterprise-grade secure access to your organisation’s remote mobile workers accessing critical business applications over unsecure networks and a safe and secure internet connection protected from threats and malware. InstaSafe aims to make it simple and safe for companies and teams of all sizes to securely access enterprise provisioned on-premises applications, public and private clouds, from anywhere, anytime.

Instasafe Secure Access:

Businesses require their employees to be Omni-productive and their applications to be Omnipresent, yet keep them secure. Traditionally, VPN based remote access solutions are focused on an exorbitant Capex budget to buy legacy appliances and service contracts, not to mention the need for highly trained IT personnel. InstaSafe changes it all, with its simple, self-service style delivery of Secure Remote Access (SSL-VPN) through the cloud.

Complete Web Protection:

Instasafe Cloud Web Security is the simplest and most cost-effective cloud based web security service that protects your website, web applications and web services providing your users with a safe and secure internet connection protected from threats and malware while ensuring that browsing is compliant with your policies.

Being a Cloud Service, Instasafe Cloud Web Security provides your organisation with a versatile and flexible security platform which can be created and deployed instantly without the need for expensive hardware or software.

Promoter’s Name:Sandip Panda, CEO

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Credens Fiduciary Solutions Pvt Ltd

Credens Fiduciary Solutions (CFS) is dedicated to enhance your financial standing and enrich family legacies in inheritance and succession planning strategies and management. We assist individuals, families and corporate clients plan, protect & preserve assets and resources earned over a life time or even generations. We help you envisage various financial scenarios and aid you in selecting the best plan for your financial freedom and security.

The key to our success is our focus on understanding the objectives and guidelines defined by our clients.

Founded and managed by experienced professionals, completely independent and objective, Credens Fiduciary Solutions (CFS) is a private firm headquartered in Bangalore. We operate under a professional fees basis that is completely free of all conflict of interests.

We will plan and implement steady income streams for the present, for your retirement in the future and plans that will extend to your beneficiaries.

Promoter’s Name:Mrs Shuba Girish

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Open Door Education

Open Door Education simplyfies the way schools conduct assessments. The company developes thought provoking assessments for middle school students. The product allows the teachers to correct the answer sheets using web camera there by making corrective measures data driven.

Promoter’s Name:Abhishek Kariwal and Aneesh Bangia

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NuVeda Learning Pvt. Ltd.

NuVeda's flagship product is NuCLO which is a Learning Management System.

The NuCLO™ online platform provided the base functionality and its reporting capability was modified to create an entire learning journey report for each participant.


A Canadian soul healing company wanted to create an e-commerce site for their online university, which would include some of their online certifications. Learners would be spread across the world and would attend online courses which included videos, webcasts, and be graded on multiple elements including participation in online discussions, manual grading, approval processes and quizzes as required. The client also wanted and multi-lingual capability in German and Dutch and the ability to create multiple roles as needed.


The NuCLO™ LMS was modified to create an online university that could monitor and track students, student activities as well as provide the administrators flexibility to create and administer courses as required.

Promoter’s Name:Dr. Balasubramanian Krishnan

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Finnovation Tech Solutions Pvt Ltd

We are a company that helps college going students to purchase anything online on installments without asking for a credit card. Currently, even though ~30% of the online sales are driven by college going students, there is no feasible option for college goers to avail an EMI option for the same (either a credit card is required to do online purchase, which is only issued to salaried professionals; or students need to get their parents who might be sitting thousands of miles away to the showrooms for physical verification, along with plethora of documents). We are here to bridge that need gap for college goers. After all, they guys deserve a lot more.

E- Commerce business that enables consumer to purchase product online with various marketplace on an EMI basis

Promoter’s Name:Madhusudan E and Karthakeyan K

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Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE)

The organisation leading this project will be Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE) a new organisation promoted by Sucharita Eashwar, earlier Senior Director at NASSCOM, and India Head for WEConnect International.

The Founding Team includes Kamala Raghuram (a celebrated entrepreneur known for nurturing other entrepreneurs), Aarti Bindra (a successful entrepreneur in ICT and training) and Purnima Sama, formerly with Xerox Corp in the US. Advisors on the Board include Virginia Littlejohn, CEO of Quantum Leaps Inc. and Deepa Karthykeyan of Athena Infonomics.

CWE is tasked to implement the Roadmap 2020 recommendations on a for-profit model. The mandate of CWE is to promote women entrepreneurs through research, training, incubation, access to finance, and markets. The recommendations and strategic plan emerging from Roadmap 2020 study will be actioned through programmes and projects led by CWE. The goal would be to develop capacity building of 100,000 women entrepreneurs and incubate and scale up 100 women owned businesses by 2020, with technology playing a key role. CWE will partner with like-minded national and international institutions in the public and corporate sectors to achieve these objectives across India.

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Amplifi Business Incubation Services Private lim

Amplifi is a B2B SaaS startup nursery: a company dedicated to bringing innovative B2B SaaS ideas to life in India.
We are supported by an in-house product team, corporate partners, angels, VCs and awesome mentors from across the world.

Amplifi’s Accelerator (in partnership with select hosts) is a specialized program only for B2B SaaS startups at prototype and pre-POC stage.
With its proprietary rapid development methodology, committed involvement of global mentors, and its vast network of investors and corporate decision makers, the program’s prime objective is to help deserving founders with exciting ideas achieve MVP and raise funds for POC and to go-to-market.

The 3 month on-site program will be a gruelling bootcamp with mentor coaching, problem solving huddle sessions, workshops & masterclasses and CXO interactions.

During the 3 months, founders (at least the business co-founder) will be required to attend workshops and masterclasses that will essentially revolve around product market fit, agile development, sales & customer acquisition, marketing, customer success, and fund-raising. These interventions are timed at regular intervals and at appropriate times. We have structured the workshop schedule to ensure that founders spend maximum time on the build and business plan.

Promoter’s Name:Sudarshan Narayan

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Capital Circle

CapitalCircle is an online marketplace where borrowers who require loans can meet investors. We, by creating a marketplace, enable the funding of loans from multiple investors for a small business requirement or personal requirement.

CapitalCircle does not have any of the branches or huge number of fixed assets a bank has and therefore can save on operating costs. We are then able to pass on this savings to our investors and borrowers in the form of better returns and interest rates.


Here at CapitalCircle, we allow borrowers to obtain loans for a wide variety of purposes - from upcoming weddings to business capital requirements. Borrowers can get loans from 12% p.a. to 24% p.a.


  • Ability to set interest rates
  • No hidden fees
  • Can pre-pay the loan at no cost
  • Completely digital and convenient registration
  • No collateral required

Investors can get high returns by investing in verified and reputed borrowers. Returns can be as high as 24% based on risk appetite.

  • High returns
  • Convenient process
  • Access to premium borrowers

Promoter’s Name:Iyan Adeendren Ayyan Kodiswaran

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TAXSHE is the first dedicated WOMEN DRIVER ON CALL company in India.  We train women to become professional drivers and these women are employed by us post training.  They drive only women, kids and senior citizens.  It is more of a social enterprise today, as it is a service much needed in India, given the security issues with kids and women.  In time to come, this will graduate into a women cab company.  We are currently a management team of 4 people, while we have 20 women drivers on board, they are on the field the entire day. 

Promoter’s Name:Vandana Suri

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Lumbini Software Pvt Ltd

Lumbini Software is a Software Solution Provider with focus on Product Development and Software Services in the areas of Application Development, ERP, CRM & Business Intelligence. The company is handling Product Developments in the area of Mobile Applications, Supply Chain Optimization, e-Governance, Public Sector, Education (K12 & Higher Education) and Healthcare. Lumbini Software is a young vibrant company, whose activities span diverse areas within the broader realms of Information Technology. The professionals behind the venture are from top engineering colleges and have successful track record at senior positions with major multinational companies.

Promoter’s Name:Kamalesh Kumar

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AcadGild is a technology education startup, founded by IT Industry professionals from IIT/IIM. We aim to create an ecosystem for skill development, where people can learn from mentors and from each other.

We believe that software development requires highly specialized skills, best learned with guidance from experienced practitioners. Online videos or classroom formats are poor substitutes for building real projects with the help of a dedicated mentor.

Our Vision is To teach hands-on, job ready software programming skills, globally, in small batches of 3 to 5 students using Industry experts.

Our mission is to bring accessible, affordable, engaging, and highly effective quality education to the world. We believe that higher education is a basic human right, and we seek to empower our students to advance their education and careers.

Promoter’s Name:Vikalp Jain

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Blue Stream Technology Services

We are one of the few companies in India that offers you exclusive and exhaustive technical writing service for documents such as User Guides, Installation Guides, Training Manuals, and Process Manuals, Proposals, RFPs, Presentations, White Papers, Business Strategy and Case studies/Test cases documents. We also provide project Management consultation services apart from the technical documentation services.

Our service is not only limited to Bangalore or India, But also for the clients overseas including Middle east and US.

It has been our constant endeavor to focus on the requirements of our customers and we strive to leverage cutting-edge technology to provide flawless services to you. The company’s efforts have received an excellent response from customers from India as well as overseas – Our commitment to quality has earned us resounding success, as most of our resources have performed exceptionally well and earned accolades. We value our clients high always and together we can make it a great journey.

Promoter’s Name:Sreekanth TV

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Pitkrew Automobile Services India Pvt Ltd

Pitkrew aims to make the car ownership and usage experience Easy using technology!

Customers will be able to get information on infra/quality/price and reliability of dealerships and private garages around their location. Breakdown services (think Uber) support during travel through Pitkrew's extensive network. Driver and valet services along with accessories, tyres, and batteries on one platform.

Promoter’s Name:Sivabalakrishnan

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QikPod is Simple, Convenient & Secure cloud-enabled, IoT (Internet-of-Things) product and service. The biggest pain-point for e-commerce shoppers is that someone has to be home to receive the package when the courier delivers it. This disrupts consumers’ personal and work schedules and also results in very substantial re-delivery attempts and costs for the courier companies. QikPod lockers will allow couriers to deliver at anytime and consumers to pick-up at a time of their convenience.

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Jazz Hair and Skin Solutions Pvt.Ltd

HiJinny is the easiest and fastest way to book on-demand professional hair and beauty salon services, delivered at the comforts of your home in an hygienic and affordable way.

Promoter’s Name:Kalpesh Balar / Konark Gaur

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Xtravity Technolgies Pvt Ltd

Xtravity is building a learning platform for extra-curricular activities. All the trainers currently providing training in activities like dancing, sports, music, photography, yoga etc., will be brought onto our platform and students can search for these trainers, look at their reviews and undergo the training either online or offline. This is a first of its kind initiative in the country.

Promoter’s Name:Nitin Gupta, Nimilita Chatterjee, Ritesh Kumar, Kanta Mishra

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LeapMile Pvt Ltd

QikPod is an innovative, new-to-India product and service. It is a smart, cloud-enabled, (Internet-of-Things) start-up that intersects with e-Commerce and last-mile logistics. QikPod will offer increased customer convenience, greater security and safety in the courier / delivery process, substantial cost savings overall, and a reduction in carbon emissions / footprint. These services are already well established in America, Europe and other parts of Asia with various national postal services, couriers, and e-commerce companies effectively offering the product and service. We have funding commitments from leading venture capitalists and other very high profile, nationally recognized angel investors and leading e-commerce, logistics, and manufacturing companies

Promoter’s Name:Ravi Gururaj

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Cloud on Hire

EazyLMS is an easy to use Web Based Virtual Learning Platform. The platform can be used by Online Training Centers, Educational Institutes and Corporates for providing learners with online learning. The content can range from Videos, HTML to uploaded PDF. It has an inbuilt assessment module to evaluate the learners. The product has been developed with a responsive User Interface that adapts based on the device - Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. The product has been designed to add customer specific enhancements as required.

Promoter’s Name:Ravi Bramhapuram

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MyOliveBooks is a social networking site for academicians is one of the products.

Promoter’s Name:

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IMind your Business Solutions Pvt.Ltd

With deep functional and industry expertise the team@iMind is passionate about taking on immense challenges that your Recruitment team is poised upon. We work with our clients as we do with our colleagues. We build their capabilities and leadership skills at every level and every opportunity. We do this to help build internal support, get to real issues, and reach practical recommendations. We bring out the capabilities of clients to fully participate in the process and lead the ongoing work.

Promoter’s Name:Dilip Sampath

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FHS Accelerator& Consultancy Pvt. Ltd

FHS provides a platform for corporates to connect, engage & establish brand presence among Entrepreneurial Community in India. Some of our customers include Tata, ITC, IBM & Quest Global.

Promoter’s Name:Rajiv Mukherjee

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3forz Innovations Software Private Limited

MineWhat enables online stores to make informed decisions on marketing, merchandising and product strategy to increase customer lifetime value. It provides actionable insights based on product level data and intelligent shopping assistance for e-commerce stores. It intended to enable online stores to understand their data better and use that knowledge to effectively engage and influence shoppers.

Promoter’s Name:Pavan Kumar TV & Janakiram Ganesan

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Carbon Clean Solutions Private Limited

Carbon Clean Solutions is a leading carbon capture technology company based in India. CCS aims to develop & commercialize low cost, energy efficient carbon capture technology that can be embedded in new power-plants or retrofitted to existing ones.

Promoter’s Name: Aniruddha Sharma

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CircuitSutra Technologies Pvt Ltd

CircuitSutra is an emerging company based in India, with an aim to emerge as the world leader in software services for the semiconductor industry. With current focus on System on Chip (SoC) Modeling and Embedded software services using Virtual Platforms

Promoter’s Name: Umesh Sisodia

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CloudMPowerTechnologiesPvt Ltd

Cloud Power Technologies is a product and services firm focused on the new generation technologies of cloud computing, mobile applications ,social networking and location aware applications. CloudMpower on the services front seeks to help businesses leverage cloud computing and mobile applications so that they have increased agility and flexibility in their operations.

Promoter’s Name: Ravi Veeraghanta

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GoCoop Solutions and Services Pvt. Ltd.

Go Coop is an organization dedicated to provide value-added business services for the present and future needs of Co-operative organizations. In this endeavour, is a Global Business Collaboration Platform for Co-operatives.

Promoter’s Name: Siva Devireddy

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I Nu IT Cloud Technologies Pvt Ltd

i-nu-it offers a web solution to over 18 million SMEs in India who cannot afford expensive software, in 12 critical areas like customer orders, sales, purchase, inventory etc. The implementation is designed to be completed in less than a week. The solution is implemented using agile technology with Ruby on Rails framework

Promoter’s Name: Sharath Punthambekar

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Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP

Intellectual Property Services. Focus on patent prosecution in the US and India for technology startup companies.

Promoter’s Name: Arjun Karthik Bala

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Mukti Lifestyle Private Limited

Company is focused on building innovative solutions to give individuals and businesses, control and freedom (mukti) to manage lifestyle related decisions for their families, selves of employee

Promoter’s Name: Joe Fernandes

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Plackal Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd

JusWrite: JusWrite captures the beauty of taking notes and organizing tasks just as on a notepad. JusWrite can be used to write down tasks and organize using a stylus or digital pen on smartphones and tablet.
LoveCycles: LoveCycles is an easy and fun to use menstrual cycle calendar.
LoveCycles can be used to increase accuracy of contraception and conception.

Promoter’s Name: John Paul

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Swarmverse Bigdata Solutions Pvt ltd

Swarmverse currently operates an Online Marketplace for Retailer Services aggregation like Layaway Schemes and Savings Schemes. Our core area of focus is recurring payments via online and mobile channels for such schemes. We believe "Member Centric" Engagement in Online Marketplaces will become as common as Transaction based Customer Centric Engagement. We use BigData technologies to smartly aggregate the collective intelligence of online consumers in our marketplace. We also use cutting edge concepts like Gamification (Game Commerce), Social Commerce and Mobile Commerce as an in-built capability in our marketplace to enhance the Customer Lifetime Value of our online members.

Promoter’s Name: Manjunath Nanjaiah - Founder and CEO.

Madhura Gowda - Founder and Finance Controller.

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Offer Grid Networks (P) Ltd

Offer Grid is experiencing fast growth, and is serving clients right from the industry verticals of Ecommerce, BFSI and Enterprise B2B. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, serving clients in India, US, Singapore and Australia. Offer Grid has been seed funded by MyFirstCheque in 2011.

Promoter’s Name: Deepankar Biswas & Raja TN

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Bsharp Sales Enablers Private Limited

Bsharp provides a gamified sales person engagement platform to inform, train, motivate large sales forces. Sales information, training, team interaction on the go.

Promoter’s Name: Gopal Swaminathan

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Venue Plan

Venue Savvy helps hotels and complementing vendors create Content rich packages for any asset. And the Savvy booking engine provides realtime connect between buyers and sellers using a patent pending process. This gives hotels and other vendors an opportunity to accept or reject bookings in view of their current inventory.

Promoter’s Name: James Solomon Prince

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Symetric Systems

SyMetric Systems is the brainchild of a group of highly-skilled professionals with in-depth exposure to the IT Software and Clinical Research Industries. , we are engaged in building comprehensive, seamless and world class integrated software solutions for the Clinical Research Industry. We engage with Doctors, Therapists, Researchers, Developers, Architects, CROs/CRAs, Warehouses etc. to study the emerging business trends to incorporate adopt them into our product.

Promoter’s Name: Uma Janapareddy

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We are developing an Electronics Chip for the next generation Mobile storage standard called Universal Flash Storage (UFS). UFS based chips will be used in High-end Smartphones, Tablets and Digital Cameras to produce a best-in-class user experience such as seamless web surfing, video stream, fast touchscreen response

Promoter’s Name: Deep Masiwal

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Analog Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Analog Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

ANALOGSEMI offers " specification to silicon" complete services for the development core ,Analog/Mixed signal products such as data converters, Power management IC,s, Serial Interface circuits,PLLS and Library Development ( Standard Cells,IOs & Memory). The services include Circuit Design, Custom Layout Design ,Full chip Verification & Physical Design.

Promoter’s Name:Somashekar B.

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Uolo Technology Pvt Ltd

Uolo Technology Pvt Ltd

Uolo Technology is a new age internet funded start-up founded by alums from IIM-A & ISB .We develop enterprise SAS software products for educational institutes .Our flagship product konnectEz is deployed in 40+ institutes .

Promoter’s Name: Badrish Agarwal & Ankur Pandey

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Sensuslabs Technologies pvt Ltd

Sensuslabs Technologies pvt Ltd

Sensus Labs is a company based out of Bangalore, India offering Indoor Positioning & Navigation solutions upto sub-feet level accuracy. Our Technology makes use of Impulse Radio which works in a Wide Frequency Spectrum.

Promoter’s Name: Aviral Chandra

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RayrivaH Technologies Pt Ltd

RayrivaH Technologies Pt Ltd , an on-line Automotive platform which provides solutions through the vehicle life cycle. beginning with researching, test driving, buying, maintenance, consumables & used vehicles.

Promoter’s Name: Hemachandra Bhovi & Raghavendra Prasanna

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