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Indian Startups

Finnovation Tech Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are a company that helps college going students to purchase anything online on installments without asking for a credit card. Currently, even though ~30% of the online sales are driven by college going students, there is no feasible option for college goers to avail an EMI option for the same (either a credit card is required to do online purchase, which is only issued to salaried professionals; or students need to get their parents who might be sitting thousands of miles away to the showrooms for physical verification, along with plethora of documents). We are here to bridge that need gap for college goers. E- Commerce business that enables consumer to purchase product online with various marketplace on an EMI basis

Promoter’s Name: Madhusudan, Karthakeyan

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Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurship (CWE)

Catalyst for Women Entrepreneurs (CWE) is a one-stop shop for women entrepreneurs to start up and scale up their businesses. CWEs comprehensive platform offers access to Information on government Programs and Schemes, Business Skills, Finance, Technology, Trade Networks, and validated professional Service Providers especially for women entrepreneurs. The brains behind this project is Sucharita Eashwar (earlier Senior Director at NASSCOM, and India’s Representative for WEConnect International). The Founding Team includes Kamala Raghuram (a celebrated entrepreneur known for nurturing other entrepreneurs), Aarti Bindra (a successful entrepreneur in ICT and training) and Purnima Sama, (formerly with Xerox Corp in the US). The goal would be to develop capacity building of 100,000 women entrepreneurs and incubate and scale up 100 women owned businesses by 2020, with technology playing a key role. CWE will partner with like-minded national and international institutions in the public and corporate sectors to achieve these objectives across India.

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Open Door Education

Open Door Education simplyfies the way schools conduct assessments. The company developes thought provoking assessments for middle school students. The product allows the teachers to correct the answer sheets using web camera there by making corrective measures data driven.

Promoter’s Name: Abhishek Kariwal, Aneesh Bangia

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Instasafe Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Instasafe is a cloud based Security-as-a-Service offering enterprise-grade secure access to your organisation’s remote mobile workers accessing critical business applications over unsecure networks and a safe and secure internet connection protected from threats and malware. InstaSafe aims to make it simple and safe for companies and teams of all sizes to securely access enterprise provisioned on-premises applications.

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TAXSHE is the first dedicated WOMEN DRIVER ON CALL company in India. They train women to become professional drivers and these women are employed by TaxShe post training. They drive only women, kids and senior citizens. It is more of a social enterprise today, as it is a service much needed in India, given the security issues with kids and women. In time to come, this will graduate into a women cab company.

Promoter’s Name: Vandana Suri

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Blue Stream Technology Services

Blue Stream offers exclusive and exhaustive technical writing service for documents such as User Guides, Installation Guides, Training Manuals, and Process Manuals, Proposals, RFPs, Presentations, White Papers, Business Strategy and Case studies/Test cases documents. Also providing project Management consultation services and is not only limited to India, but for the clients overseas including Middle east and US.Promoter - Sreekanth

Promoter’s Name: Ratnasri Karra

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Cloud On Hire

EazyLMS is an easy to use Web Based Virtual Learning Platform. The platform can be used by Online Training Centers, Educational Institutes and Corporates for providing learners with online learning. The content can range from Videos, HTML to uploaded PDF. It has an inbuilt assessment module to evaluate the learners. The product has been developed with a responsive User Interface that adapts based on the device - Desktop, Tablet or Mobile. The product has been designed to add customer specific enhancements as required.

Promoter’s Name: Ravi Bramhapuram

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FHS Accelerator & Consultancy Pvt. Ltd.

FHS provides a platform for corporates to connect, engage & establish brand presence among Entrepreneurial Community in India. Some of our customers include Tata, ITC, IBM & Quest Global.

Promoter’s Name: Rajiv Mukherjee

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Abacies Logiciels Pvt. Ltd.

Legal Brand will allow users to choose Lawyers for their legal requirements with ease. It is a platform which makes it easier for users and Lawyers to find whom to work with. Legal Brand will fundamentally transform how we all hire and interact with Lawyer community, and make it infinitely easier for people to pursue careers in Law.

Promoter’s Name: Prabhu Rajan

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CloudMPower Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Cloud Power Technologies is a product and services firm focused on the new generation technologies of cloud computing, mobile applications ,social networking and location aware applications. CloudMpower on the services front seeks to help businesses leverage cloud computing and mobile applications so that they have increased agility and flexibility in their operations.

Promoter’s Name: Ravi Veeraghanta

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I Nu IT Cloud Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

I-Nu-It offers a web solution to over 18 million SMEs in India who cannot afford expensive software, in 12 critical areas like customer orders, sales, purchase, inventory etc. The implementation is designed to be completed in less than a week. The solution is implemented using agile technology with Ruby on Rails framework.

Promoter’s Name:Sharath Punthambekar

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Mukti Lifestyle Pvt. Ltd.

Company is focused on building innovative solutions to give individuals and businesses, control and freedom (mukti) to manage lifestyle related decisions for their families, selves of employee

Promoter’s Name:Joe Fernandes

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Plackal Techno Systems Pvt. Ltd.

Plackal is the team behind the popular health tracking app for women – Maya. Their app has touched the lives of 6 million women worldwide and they are just getting started. Plackal is striving to build the most comprehensive women’s health tracker. Maya is a native app supported across all major smartphone platforms – Android, iOS & Windows. Highly rated for its effectiveness and user experience, the app has garnered a 4.4 star rating from more than 50,000 reviews.

Promoter’s Name:Sudarshan Narayan

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Swarmverse Bigdata Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Swarmverse currently operates as Online Marketplace for Retailer Services aggregation like Layaway Schemes and Savings Schemes. The core area of focus is recurring payments via online and mobile channels for such schemes. They use BigData technologies to smartly aggregate the collective intelligence of online consumers in the marketplace. They also use cutting edge concepts like Gamification (Game Commerce), Social Commerce and Mobile Commerce etc.

Founder’s Name:Manjunath Nanjaiah, Madhura Gowda

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Offer Grid Networks Pvt. Ltd.

Offer Grid is experiencing fast growth, and is serving clients right from the industry verticals of Ecommerce, BFSI and Enterprise B2B. The company is headquartered in Bangalore, serving clients in India, US, Singapore and Australia. Offer Grid has been seed funded by MyFirstCheque in 2011.

Promoter’s Name:Deepankar Biswas, Raja TN

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Bsharp Sales Enablers Pvt. Ltd.

Bsharp provides a gamified sales person engagement platform to inform, train, motivate large sales forces. Sales information, training, team interaction on the go. Engage, train, assess,, inform and hear from your sales team. Over 22K sales personnel from enterprises across consumer electronics, healthcare and garment industries use Bsharp'a sales enablement platforms.

Promoter’s Name:Gopal Swaminathan

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Venue Plan

Venue Savvy helps hotels and complementing vendors create Content rich packages for any asset. And the Venue Savvy booking engine provides realtime connect between buyers and sellers using a patent pending process. This gives hotels and other vendors an opportunity to accept or reject bookings in view of their current inventory.

Promoter’s Name:James Solomon Prince

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Symetric Systems

SyMetric Systems is the brainchild of a group of highly-skilled professionals with in-depth exposure to the IT Software and Clinical Research Industries. They are engaged in building comprehensive, seamless and world class integrated software solutions for the Clinical Research Industry. They engage with Doctors, Therapists, Researchers, Developers, Architects, CROs/CRAs, Warehouses etc. to study the emerging business trends to incorporate adopt them into our product.

Promoter’s Name:Uma Janapareddy

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3D-IP Semiconductors

They are developing an Electronic Chip for the next generation Mobile storage standard called Universal Flash Storage (UFS). UFS based chips will be used in High-end Smartphones, Tablets and Digital Cameras to produce a best-in-class user experience such as seamless web surfing, video stream, fast touchscreen response.

Promoter’s Name:Deep Masiwal

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Analog Semiconductors Pvt. Ltd.

ANALOGSEMI offers " specification to silicon" complete services for the development core ,Analog/Mixed signal products such as data converters, Power management IC,s, Serial Interface circuits,PLLS and Library Development ( Standard Cells,IOs & Memory). The services include Circuit Design, Custom Layout Design ,Full chip Verification & Physical Design.

Promoter’s Name:Somashekar B.

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Uolo Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Uolo Technology is a new age internet funded start-up founded by alumnis from IIM-A & ISB , who develop enterprise SAS software products for educational institutes. Their flagship product konnectEz is deployed in 40+ institutes.

Promoter’s Name:Badrish Agarwal, Ankur Pandey

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College Lens Technology Pvt. Ltd.

Admission Table is a mobile platform helping students finding international universities. They are helping 40+ international universities across USA, Australia, Canada, UK, UAE and Nigeria to get prospective students from India, Nigeria and South-East Asia.

Promoter’s Name:Mr.Manish Katyan, Dr. Duleep Deosthale

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Krackin cracks an exciting branding idea to connect brands with people via online gaming. Born as the most pampered child of effComm Live, Krackin is fresh and new in the branding world. Krackin will engage and entertain the discerning online customer with branding adventure. Krackin will enhance the business and brand identity via online gaming, and helps to create customer engagement to establish longer product lifecycle, improve brand identity and generate more loyal customers through exciting games.

Promoter’s Name:Ravi Gururaj

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Cognitive Research And Innovations Pvt. Ltd.

CRAI is a Bangalore based start-up company working towards excellence in the Research & Development space, and believe in pursuing business through innovation and technology. The scope of CRAI’s activities revolve around community, personal and social services. Mission is to produce best quality, economical and durable made in India products by optimum utilization of national resources. It is also involved in research and development on Natural Sciences and Engineering (NSE).

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Commit Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Depending on the required services, Commit makes sure that the human and other resources are allocated to work on a project/product. Consistent quality if you are satisfied with your first experience with Commit. You can choose to hire the same team for future product/ project revisons. Commit technologies actively supports and encourages the underprivileged sections of society by training them in professional skills and helps them achieve success and prosperity thus, working towards a noble cause. K. Narssimham (executive director) had this belief in people that led him to slowly take on talented, young freshers and turn them into sincere, commited employees.

Promoter’s Name: K. Narssimhan, Nishith Sheth, Kamal Bhatia

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Beyond Roads Travel And Photography Pvt. Ltd.

Beyond Roads is about the journeys which you would like to cherish in your whole life. It is all about the memories which you would love to reminisce and share with your loved ones.At Beyond Roads it’s a belief, Wildlife is not actually “ Wild", its a way of life and it never ceases to teach. Every journey in the wild will take you closer to nature, thats where you belong to.

Directors: Meenu Gupta , Priyanka Sharma, Chandrashekar Kalyanasundaram Sandeep Dutta

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Wishing Well Technology Services Pvt. Ltd.

It is involved in Software publishing, consultancy and supply [Software publishing includes production, supply and documentation of ready-made (non-customized) software, operating systems software, business & other applications software, computer games software for all platforms. Consultancy includes providing the best solution in the form of custom software after analyzing the user needs and problems. Custom software also includes made-to-order software based on orders from specific users. Also, included are writing of software of any kind following directives of the users; software maintenance, web-page design].

Directors Name:Karan Sachan, Ashish Mathur, Lalitha Damodaran

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SocView Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

An integrated security operations solution for cyber security. SocView aims to optimize your organization’s existing infrastructure and related security services. Its mission is to “simplify complexity, enhance security”. SocView security solutions can seamlessly fit into any existing or rapidly evolving security technology landscape to deliver higher value and ROI. They help drive higher efficiencies while enhancing the organizations security posture. They help you manage multiple and critical security processes within one centralized console.

Founder’s Name:Jayanth Varma

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Carbon Clean Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

It’s a Technology provider for CO2 removal from industrial gases. Carbon Clean Solutions technologies make industrial decarbonization commercial while reducing the environmental impact of man-made emissions. The focus is to provide the most cost-effective CO2 capture and CO2 treating technology. Their patented chemistry combines with engineering know-how at 25+ sites globally. Their advances in developing capture technology will continue to drive down costs. Its a privately held global company with offices in London, Mumbai, Sheffield, etc.

Promoter’s Name: Aniruddha Sharma

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FullTank Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

It’s a Car service aggregator disrupting the car maintenance industry. FullTank App offers accurate, unbiased, stress-free and time-saving platform where you get all car related services such as Roadside Assistance, Car maintenance, Breakdown Assistance, Driver Services, Car Wash, Car Repair and Accessories purchase at a push of button. Leveraging on the deep domain knowledge of the founding team FullTank provides you the highest standards and quality of service at economical pricing.

Promoter’s Name: Siva Balakrishnan

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Uncanny Vision

Its a technology company focused on Computer Vision on Embedded systems. Uncanny Vision’s Software Toolkit increases the performance of your computer vision algorithms multifold. They give speed improvement in the order of 2 to 20 times. UncannyVision Has Two Products: 1. UncannyCV - A computer vision/image processing library optimized for Cortex-A series ARM processors. 2. UncannyDL - An On-Device Deep Learning library for Mobile and Embedded applications.

Promoter’s Name: Ravi Veeraghanta

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Metayage IP Strategy Consulting LLP

It maximizes value from client’s Intellectual assets. Metayage stands for a strategic partnership with innovative companies, and peace of mind that their valuable IP is being guarded by experts. Its a team of patent attorneys and technical experts with hands on experience working with US patent law firms and trained by US patent attorneys on US patent application preparation, prosecution and due diligence. Enabling the clients to realize maximum value from their intangible assets by forming long term mutually beneficial relationships for providing solutions that complement their business in an integrated manner.

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Evok Analytics Pvt. Ltd.

Evok is a leading analytics provider across CPG, retail and healthcare with solutions that enable businesses to leverage data in making intelligent solutions.

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Plankton Solutions

Plankton Solutions is a technology startup focused on technology development and engineering services. Incorporated in 2015, Plankton is lead by experienced leaders in the areas of Multimedia, VoIP, Unified Communications, Networking, Security, Analytics, IoT, Testing and Automation, who held and are holding distinguished positions in the technology space. Plankton believes in operating right at the top of the value-chain with deep commitment to quality.

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Stragure Software Technologies

Stragure was founded by enthusiastic professionals who encompassed considerable expertise and experience in resolving business problems of clients using technology while working on a global services delivery model. Stragure has been consistent in delivering bespoke services to clients from its focused yet inspirational ext-generation talent hubs.

Promoter’s Name: Joe Fernandes

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SenSight Technologies Pvt. Ltd. - AutoWiz

It is a startup working on innovative and valuable solutions in the intersection of Internet of Things (IoT) and Data Analytics domain. Founded and backed by seasoned high-tech industry professionals with IIT, IIM background and rich experience in building and growing technology ventures. Their first solution, AutoWiz, is a telematics solution for personal and commercial car owners and businesses. AutoWiz combines various elements of IoT and Analytics technology to offer a seamless and easy to use connected car solution.

Promoter’s Name: John Paul

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Profectum Market Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

Profectum is a startup developing solutions for genuine problems in the domain of Sales and Marketing. 'sfunnle' is our first product helping Tech companies crowdsource quality sales leads from the market.

Directors Name: Sneahaal Arun Kulkarni, Rashmi Pushkar Sathe.

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Pozibility Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Pozibility Technologies is a design services company with founders having more than 18 years of experience in ASIC Design Services and Embedded Software development.​ The focus is to enable global customers with innovative IC Design, Embedded software, Software Testing and System Design Solutions. Pozibility helps customers to convert their product ideas into reality. Currently delivering the best-in-class semiconductor solutions through a motivated teams of skilled Engineers, who have the expertise in ASIC/SOC architecture design, RTL Coding and Verification, FPGA Design & Prototyping, Synthesis & STA, Formal Verification, DFT, PD, Analog Mixed Signal Design & Layout.

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Ask Technology

Ask Technology & Consultancy Services is a multifaceted company providing a range of services in the IT Sector. It is a Training, Consulting, Staffing and Service providing in the area of Information Technology, operating in INDIA and abroad. They address the client’s technological needs through contract, short term and permanent placements along with Training, consulting, and outsourcing services.

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Karmaa Lab

Karmaa Lab is passionately working on human life changing products in the areas of Man-Machine interface, Computer vision, IOT and Data Science streams. In the era of connected devices and applications generating massive amount of Zettabytes of data, they offer you the niche analytics capabilities to Track and Analyze your devices and Applications to truly unleash the Power of your Applications and Devices.

Promoter’s Name: James Solomon Prince

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SOCXO has the aim to provide a modern ‘Enterprise Social Platform' that engages your employees and associates actively, and helps harness the power of their social reach to boost brand awareness, help recruit employees and generate organic leads.

Director’s Name: Sudarsan Rao, Mukund Krishna

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Providing Google Cloud-based powerful automation solutions, G Suite, Apps Script, and Training to help customers scale, cut cost, save time, and take advantage of software engineering and automation, Dowhyolo acts as a technology consulting and implementation partner helping business, education, non-profit, and government institutions around the world embrace technology, understand and customize it to your need, so you can benefit from the power of the internet, scalability of the cloud, and drive efficiency through their workforce. They are a 21st century internet technology company self-driven by a passionate and highly-efficient team of ex-Google Campus Ambassadors, technologists, engineers, scientists, data analysts, developers, and management professionals turned entrepreneurs.

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Analog Semiconductors Pvt Ltd

Atman Software

Atman Software was founded in 1999 as both a computer graphics and game development company. They develop software, from games to game engines to interactive visualization software for the PC, Mac and handheld devices. They also provide technical training and consultation.

Promoter’s Name:Somashekar B.

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Uolo Technology Pvt Ltd

Techsindhu Solutions India Pvt. Ltd.

It is involved in Software publishing, consultancy and supply [Software publishing includes production, supply and documentation of ready-made (non-customized) software, operating systems software, business & other applications software, computer games software for all platforms.

Director’s Name: Santhosh Manjunatha Hegde, Manjunath Sitaram Hegde, Seetha Lakshmi Radhakrishnan, Neethu Eipe.

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Sensuslabs Technologies pvt Ltd

ChangeStreet Technology Pvt. Ltd.

MoneyUp is a savings coach for young individuals that also defines, executes and tracks hyper-personalized investment plans for its users. Unlike existing platforms, MoneyUp’s flexible approach adjusts user’s monthly investment to ensure achievability of financial goals. MoneyUp’s intelligent engine analyses several user-centric data points to answer the key question: “How much can I save to invest?”.

Founder’s Name: Rakesh Kumar, Chetan Patil , Vishal Damor

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RayrivaH Technologies Pt Ltd

iSol Talent Consulting Pvt. Ltd.

iSol Talent Consulting, headquartered in Bangalore, the IT hub of India, has been a leading provider of Training and Consulting Services in the field of Education, IT and various other sectors since 2009. The company has a vast talent pool of trainers and consultants, with a high level of competency delivering a wide range of training programmes. Through its continued engagement in the skilling and training arena, the company has acquired a greater level of expertise and matured to be one of the preferred partners for various organizations.

Promoter’s Name: Hemachandra Bhovi & Raghavendra Prasanna

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Sensuslabs Technologies pvt Ltd

Vestibulum Technologies

Vestibulum Technologies are mainly involved in software – product development and services. They have currently undertaken the product development useful for the treatment of “Autistic Children” and children suffering from other physical and mental illness. They are also working on sensor solutions for timely detection of life threatening human diseases. Mr. Srinivasan S. Saripalli (Founder of Vestibulum Technologies) has worked with MNCs both in USA and India and has more than 13 years of experience in Software Programming.

Founder’s Name: Rakesh Kumar, Chetan Patil , Vishal Damor

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