Our Startups

At GINSERV, we nourish your business from a Startup to a successful corporation providing you with best in class support along the way.


FirstSense Technology Pvt. Ltd

At FirstSense, our broad goal is to replace human observers with intelligent machine observer ecosystems providing immersive experience to the users. With that goal in mind, we are attacking the idea with an initial focus for developing solutions for Hybrid Workplaces and Classrooms. In addition, looking at Standard Operating Procedure scenarios in Cloud-centric Kitchen and Airport terminal and airside use cases. With covid we have understood the advantages and disadvantages of both physical and digital world and we would like to combine the best of both. With 77% of companies announcing Hybrid workplaces, right tools are required to have a collaborative and productive atmosphere. We have built a concept solution which is generating significant interest with Integrators, Organisations and our previous company leaders who have got successful business in this space. Our solution is easy and intuitive and creates a complete virtual presence that you do not necessarily require VR devices, hence reducing the barrier of entry.



AI powered Whatsapp automation & transaction stack. Our SAAS offering is designed to help B2C enterprises leverage Messaging and the evolving push-commerce ecosystem to nurture customer relations & enhance customer life-time value


Brewed Games Private Limited

Brewed Games is an indie gamedev studio based in Bangalore, India. We're a group of friends who decided to pursue our longstanding passion of making games with a clear purpose – make games that reach into the very depths of emotion through powerful stories, memorable characters, and numerous moments of sheer fun.


Race2Cloud Technologies

We are a team of experts focused on SaaS and PaaS based Consulting, Implementation, Support and Training services with expertise across the entire Zoho One suite of products. We are Advance Zoho Partner. Apart from this we also have expertise in other CRM,HRMS and ERP solutions


Plankton Solutions Private Limited

Plankton Offer a portfolio of R&D, Product development and Engineering Services in the area of Unified Communications, Mobility, Test tools and Test Automation.


Sarvm AI

SarvM.AI aims to transform the food supply chain by reducing inefficiencies and slashing food wastage, a problem costing billions.



The Gaming Marketplace | Bringing joy to gamers. Dacby offers a highly regulated digital marketplace for gamers to buy and sell their digital products.